What can Euwec mean for your company?

We offer a variety of services that will improve the opportunities in international trading between development countries and Western Europe. We offer consultancy solutions as well as actual matchmaking opportunities. Contact us for a personal intake with our staff.

Our brand TKR fulfils your need

Many buyers face the challenge to explore new markets to expand their business. Our innovative products, with a focus on sustainable garment could match the needs for the European buyers, our porducts can be produced in smaller quantities as well as in qlarge numbers.

Euwec, specialized in the textile, (Home) decoration, (Home) textiles and in the Furniture business, knows the needs from the buyer because of its long tracking record. As a producer and as a large buyer of garments you want to build the ‘bridge’ and connect with this potential buyer(s) but you don’t know where to start. Read more....

Emerging markets business consultancy

We can help you in making appointments with large buyers through our ‘matchmaking’ formula but have you ever considered your internal organisation? An analysis of all your internal processes with a ‘quick scan’ will show you what challenges you are facing and how to deal with it. Euwec can advise you on quality, price range and making a SWOT analyses. We inform you about the cultural differences when you go ‘cross the bridge’.

This will give you more time to focus on your core activities and do what you are really good at. A Euwec business consultant can give you the needed jumpstart.

Realisation third world textile projects

Euwec is involved in several projects in Asia (e.g. transition of agriculture land to production land for bamboo, rattan; designing for hill tribes in Asia of their specific products). We work with WWF, ITC, World Bank, Asian Development Bank and BSO’s of Sri Lanka, India, China, Pakistan, Vietnam, and Philippines. We started, together with Vietcraft, the international fair “Lifestyle Vietnam”, worked on the program “Go West” in China and we are now developing a new strategy for the Handloom industry in Sri Lanka.

We are active in North Africa, and a few other African countries, mainly focusing on authentic African products with a twist of the European taste. Here we work with private companies.

Training for emerging market textile companies

Euwec gives a variety of trainings for companies, BSO’s and non-governmental organizations. We provide detailed information about the European market, market links, social responsible production, market entry requirements, etc.. All trainings are scheduled for a three days period and can be customized to your wishes.

Our trainings for NGO’s and BSO’s focus on providing support to your own companies in your country. We provide an insight in best practice solutions and in the European market.

For companies we focus on market entry requirements, market positioning, product range, costing versus marketing and (non) legislative law.

We have more than 20 years of experience in setting up training courses and our training modules are proven to be helpful and interactive.