Our Vision

Textiles can be re-used and transformed in highly fashionable products. In developing countries, many producers want to cooperate with European buyers (and vice versa) and look for a solution and relationship to accomplish their needs. Euwec focuses on strategies to work together with supplier and buyer to produce the latest trends in textiles against the lowest carbon footprint possible. Euwec is recognized as an expert in textiles and we are known as a huge match maker for Buyer, Producer and Business Support Organizations with a clear result in current and future goals.

Our Mission

Euwec’s objective is to become the largest buying house in the world with the higest measurable satisfaction rate, to shape up a long term relationship between our Buyers who commit to our sustainable garments brand TKR , in which we accomplish a successful business proposal.

About our Organisation EUWEC

We are a company specialised in textile products. We buy our garments, socks, home textiles and grey in Bangladesh, Pakistan, India, China and Vietnam and we are focussing on the European and USA markets. We give special attention to the latest trends, we use new fabrics and we take special care for finishing and product innovations. We are in the business for over 22 years and we provide our products to a large group of buyers in Western Europe and the USA. Our team travels to Asia and search for the best suppliers, with the latest fabrics. We are focussing on sustainable production, greening production initiatives. EUWEC can be described as a large buyer with an excellent network, always looking for the highest quality. In our head office, located in The Netherlands we work together with fashion designers and we are working with graduated textile experts who are looking for new composition solutions for already existing fabrics, like Jutte. We offer our customers new insights in renewable materials and show them alternatives. Products made with lesser water consumption, lesser impact on environment and higher production efficiency are our strength and therefore we can offer the latest designs against affordable prices. EUWEC is your partner in textiles. We have offices in Bangladesh and in China and we are considering opening an office in Pakistan in 2016.

Our web shop will be launched later this year. We will launch our web shop in May 2016. This web shop will show you the best of sustainable garments available in the market.

You can ask our brochure by filling our application form. Please use our contact form here: Contact and we will send you our latest brochure within a few days.