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06 April 2016
'More than 500 buyers from Europe will witness the first dedicated expo Pakistan for the textile industry. It will show the best producers of the products Pakistan has to offer.. TDAP, the TRADE DEVELOPMENT AUTHORIT...'

28 February 2016
'The latest 47 billion investment project called CIPAK is one of the biggest game changers in the Middle East. It will give Pakistan an enormous boost in the coming 5 years....'

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Welcome to Euwec "The Textile Company"

Finding the right way to expand business to the West òr to the East is a bottleneck for many companies. Where do you start?

Euwec is your answer to that question. With innovative thinking, real hands on, and listening to our customers we have developed our objectives to help global buyers and local producers to connect and expand their business.

‘We build metaphorical bridges’.

Euwec has build a massive network in Europe, Asian and developing countries and keeps its decades of rich experiences in a well maintained database. Your first step into a successful global business starts with Euwec. Please feel free to contact us today for a conversation and become aware of Euwec’s added value.

Our Services

  • Matchmaking textiles products for the international business
  • Emerging markets business consultancy (textile related)
  • Realisation third world development projects (re-use of old technics in an innovative mannor)
  • Provide trainings and lectures for emerging market textile companies
  • Our brand TKR is a leading sustainable garment brand in the world